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Have you ever wondered what it is about professional Bogotá escorts that makes them so much better than “ordinary” or “amateur” nonprofessional women? We understand what that is. It’s the reason our clients enjoy booking the time of our lovely ladies so much. The answer is that ordinary women, non-professional women, are a huge hassle. They are often much more trouble than they are worth, and freeing yourself of that means freeing yourself of something that has been holding you hostage for most of your adult life. Bogota Escorts. Every man wants to spend time with sexy women. It’s a drive we have, something we feel on an almost genetic level, a need or an urge that is with us when we hit puberty. You can’t help wanting to be with sexy women, and of course, our society is drenching you with sexual imagery in an attempt to sell you everything from beer to baseball. Bogotá escorts give you a chance to experience the feminine companionship you want without subjecting you to the many hassles that come with ordinary women. Let’s review some of those hassles so that we can emphasize just how much better our Bogotá escorts are when it comes to spending time with lovely ladies. Bogota Escorts. First of all, women can be a little crazy. There’s a famous video floating around the Internet that plots women on the crazy versus hot scale, and the hilarious conclusion is one that is unavoidable. You have probably heard the old saying that no matter how hot a girl might be, somewhere there is a guy who is absolutely tired of dealing with her hassles and her problems. Well, the same is true when it comes to craziness..